Nightswapping: accumulate points and travel for free in the world

Sleep on the road without spending a euro and the dream of many travelers. To make it happen the latest novelty is nightswapping , a system that dusts off the ancient art of bartering. What is it about? You simply gain the chance to stay around the world, hosting people at home.

The idea was developed by the homonymous French start-up , which today has 300,000 members in 160 countries around the world and allows you to exchange hospitality without spending money. To facilitate the “exchange of nights” is the online site that connects the members of the community . Whenever a subscriber hosts someone, they earn a credit to sleep at someone else’s home. The only cost is a commission requested by the site of € 9.90.

Once you have entered the Nightswapping portal, you can filter the types of accommodation and accommodations based on your credits. For 7 nights in a Standard 3 room , for example, 4 nights are required in a Standard 5 room, alternatively 10 nights in a Standard 2 room. This means that a member of the community who proposes his own small apartment can stay in a castle , but obviously for fewer nights, otherwise you can choose a more modest home than yours, but spend many more days there.

The algorithm of the portal evaluates the standard considering the type of accommodation , the level of comfort, the tourist attractions, the number of rooms available and the surface. The system can be adopted by everyone, even by those who live in a rented house, since the exchange does not provide for a direct transaction between the various users. Obviously the site guarantees protection: the exchange of messages between the two parties is safe, it is possible to write reviews and the user profiles are all verified.

In April 2017, the platform has evolved even more. Today it is not limited only to putting hosts in contact with travelers, but allows users to accumulate 10% of the total stay , adding it to their virtual wallet. In this way, sleeping anywhere in the world is easier and cheaper.

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