The most desired destinations by the Italians for 2019

The year is coming to an end and the Italians as always have compiled a wish list for 2018. What do they dream for the future? Obviously traveling, as revealed by a research promoted by jetcost . At the top of the list of things you want to do in the new year is the desire to travel around the world and visit distant countries.

First in the wish list is owning a home, followed by a desire to travel the globe and fly first class. Curiously, the study shows that almost all Italians have made a ranking of things they would like to do next year. Only 33 percent of those interviewed would like to spend a night of love with a famous person, while 29 percent dream of marriage .

In the top ten of Italians ‘ desires we therefore find: owning a house (77%), traveling around the world (71%), flying first class (62%), having children (58%) and launching with a parachute (52%). In sixth position we find being a billionaire (49%), followed by overcoming a phobia (46%), having the body of their dreams (45%), having their own business (39%) and writing a book (35%).

What are the dream destinations that Italians hope to achieve in 2018? At the top of the list is Australia, considered by many to be still too far away and unreachable. Second place is Thailand, a true natural paradise in which to relax, discover dream beaches and spend little . The bronze medal goes instead to the United States, where everyone would like to go at least once in their life. Sixth place is occupied by Japan, followed by the splendid and wild New Zealand , and by South Africa.

The Italians dream big for 2018 and also want to admire Indonesia (seventh position), China (eighth place), the Caribbean (ninth position) and Argentina (tenth position). In all cases, these are dream destinations that, thanks to promotions and low-cost flights , will be easier to reach next year.

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