Travel in Norway, between fjords and enchanting forests

If you are looking for spectacular landscapes, pristine nature, waterfalls of fear and imposing glaciers, get ready to leave for the land of the Vikings .

The geographical variety of Norway is a surprise for many tourists who imagine it as an ice monolith. While culture lovers can stop in the capital Oslo , adventurers can go further north in the Svalbard archipelago , where seals, walruses and polar bears sunbathe on the ice floes.

Visiting Norway means immersing yourself in a piece of Europe that remains practically independent of the rest of the old continent.

A trip to Norway must begin with a stop in Bergen , the gateway to discover the region of the mythical fjords. Here, even just watching the sun rise has a different flavor. The light gives the houses and the mountains unique reflections giving a magical atmosphere.

Business card of the land of Ibsen, unique for its landscape and romance, the fjords are arms of the sea that creep into the coast. To understand Norway you have to travel by land a fjord, much more touristic, but not for this to be disdained, a trip by sea. The Sognefjord is the longest known, 200 kilometers of indented coastline. One of its branches, the Geirangerfjord , is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is one of the most naturalistic fjords of the state and is located near the Ã…kerneset mountain range.

The Jostedal Glacier National Park , which surrounds Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in Europe, also winds between Sognefjord and Geirangerfjord . Here you will seem to be one of the protagonists of the Ice Age .

Further north, 500 kilometers from Oslo, are the Lofoten Islands . Here, beyond what one might think, the temperatures are not too rigid, even if we are beyond the Arctic Circle , but the fauna and flora of this small archipelago are worth all the chilblains of the world. From mid-October to mid-January safaris are organized to discover the nature of the islands, if you are lucky you can also observe the killer whales. From here, then you can enjoy a privileged position for observing the Northern Lights .

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